Anastasia Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes Review and Swatches

In my opinion, it is very important to take care of your eye brows and make them look beautiful as they frame the face and they play a huge role in the look in general.

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products, so  was happy to get one of their sets to try. It is called Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes($39.50) .

This set comes in a burgundy package with Anastasia’s logo on top.

So what do we have inside?!

You get: 0.04 oz Brow Wax Cream, 0.05 oz Eye shadow Duo, 2 x 0.056 oz Brow Powders, five  brow stencils, Angled Brow Brush and instructions how to use everything.


Here is a closer look to the products themselves. I have chosen the blonde variant actually, although I am very far from being a blonde. But I find that the darker shade fits me perfectly.

Here is a  closer look at the stencils and the brush.

The brush is really handy and I actually love using it for the brow products. As for the stencils, it takes some time to get used to them but they are a great thing to try if you can’t make the shape you want by yourself.

I actually have a sample of the brunette shades, so here are the swatches. The first two are from the blonde palette, then from the brunette palette and also the swatches of the eye shadows.

I  really like this set as it contains pretty much everything you need to make your eye brows look great. They could have included the tweezers, but the price would be higher obviously.

The brow powder looks natural and lasts all day in my eye brows, the wax helps taming the brows and hold them in place.  The eye shadows work amazing to highlight the brow area, you get a satin and a matte finishes.

Another eye brow favourite of mine along with the Benefit’s eye brow pencil.

Buy it for £29 from Cult Beauty

3 thoughts on “Anastasia Beauty Express For Brows and Eyes Review and Swatches”

  1. I find it so difficult getting an eyebrow product to match my eyebrows, they’re always too red in tone despite claiming to be for a brunette, or the darker blonde ones are the right darkness but too greenish on me. The best thing for me to use is a mixture of Boots Natural Collection in Mocha/(Latte) mixed with a tiny bit of grey. But it can be such a faff sometimes!

    1. Esther, these sets looks really nice, I don’t see any reddish undertones in them. Maybe you can also take a look at the Benefit’s pencil I’ve mentioned in a dark shade?

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