Apivita Eco Bio Baby Kids Range: Mild Shampoo and Mild Body Wash Review

I was sent two products from Apivita Eco Baby Kids range (not entirely sure why) some time ago. So I would like to tell you about them, hopefully, this will be useful for all the Mums.

Mild Body Wash with honey & lavender (€12.95 for 200ml) is very gentle and  doesn’t contain any  harmful  ingredients.  The lavender scent  is really nice and mild, so it’s relaxing without being overpowering, exactly what a child needs. I am giving this away to my little cousin. I am pretty sure she’ll love it.

Mild Shampoo with chamomile & honey (€12.95 for 200ml) this one, again, is without any nasties.  Just as the shower gel, this product is very gentle and smells nice. I have been washing my precious brushes 🙂 with this shampoo for several months now (I always use baby shampoo for this purpouse) and am really pleased with their condition.

If I had children, I’d definitely get Apivita products for them, as I trust the brand in general, and use some of their products (I LOVE this serum) on myself, as well.

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