Armani Bright Ribbon Makeup Collection And Eyes To Kill Solos for Summer 2014

Armani brought out quite a few gorgeous makeup products recently.

First of all, there is the beautiful Bright Ribbon makeup collection, inspired by the Mediterranean garden  with all the pretty orange, pink, red and plum shades of  Sheer Rouge lipsticks (£26.50) and matching, except the blue one, nail polishes (£20).

Armani Bright Ribbon Makeup Collection for Summer 2014 all shadesBesides the nails/lips collection there is also a new line of eye shadowsEyes To Kill Solos. These are available in different finishes  and textures: matte, satin and electric. They can be applied sheer or intense, as you wish.

Armani Eyes To Kill Solos shades summer 2014

Above you can see the shades 5, 22, 17, 2

The price is £26.50

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