Armani Ecailles Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Ecailles summer 2012 makeup collection by Armani is a tribute to the beauty of the Mediterranean sea with a lot of different shades of  blue.

Linda Cantello ( International Make Up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics) says: ” This collection is inspired by the play of moonlight on the ocean, by myriad shades from inky depths, by white and black pearls. The complexion is pale and luminous, lips are soft and feminine. ”

Products from the collection are:

Écailles Classic Eye Palette (£49.50), on the picture above.

A cooler harmony in the black lacquered signature compact, with four shades layering pearly blue and grey with frothy white and inky navy, intensifying the lash lines.

Eye Palette Luxe (Exclusive to Selfridges), £95

A black lacquered compact, dressed in delicately handcrafted black mother-of-pearl. Available in 4000 pieces worldwide. A harmonious blend of deep sea blue, algae, lagoon turquoise and shimmering, crest-of-a-wave white.

There are four new gorgeous shades of Eyes To Kill (£26):

Obsidian Black,  Obsidian Grey,  Écailles  and a must-have shade according to Armani – Madre Perla ( radiates ever-changing pink, purple, blue and green light).

Four new shades of  Gloss D’Armani (£23.50)

Pink Quartz, Rose Crocoite, Rasberry Zincite and Red Andradite.

Face Palette, £40

Duo of shades Seashell Pink and White Foam.

Available exclusive to Harrods from 25th March 2012. Available Nationwide 1st May 2012

I personally really love the new shades of Eyes To Kill and the Face Palette.

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  1. Oh boy! The ETK are calling my name but I am curious about swatches because we don’t get the brand here. I’ll probably have to sit and wait till its out then find ways to get it 😉

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