Armani Gloss D’armani and Rouge D’armani Sheers Skin Lacquers Collection

There is a new collection by Armani which is all about the nude lip glosses and lipsticks. Both glosses and lipsticks are divided into two groups, to suit the porcelain and  tanned skin.

Gloss D’armani for porcelain skin tones:

  •  Gloss d’Armani #515 in Vintage
  •  Gloss d’Armani #516 in Coral
  •  Gloss d’Armani #517 in Hot

And for tanned skin:

  •   Gloss d’Armani #513 in Roseperla
  •   Gloss d’Armani #514 in Petal
  • Gloss d’Armani #518 in Rosewood

On the picture the glosses are in the following order: from 513 to 518

 The price is £23.50/$28

It is interesting that Armani also suggest that the ‘ gloss can also be used on the eyelids to create a transparent, wet eye lacquer.’ I wonder how the Armani gloss stays on the eyes as some lip glosses don’t feel that nice on the eyelids.

As for the lipsticks, you can choose from the following shades for the porcelain skin

  •  Rouge d’Armani sheers # 503 in Blush
  • Rouge d’Armani sheers #504 in Cult
  • Rouge d’Armani sheers #505 in Dewy

And for tanned skin:

  • Rouge d’Armani sheers #200 in Terra
  • Rouge d’Armani sheers #201 in Boudoir
  • Rouge d’Armani sheers #202 in Dolce

 from 200 to 504

 The price is £25/$30



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