Armani Spring 2014 Makeup Collection

To continue the theme of “nude beauty” (I’ve shown you some new nude nail polishes yesterday), here is a preview of the Giorgio Armani Spring 2014 makeup collection.

It is a prefect release for the lovers of no “makeup makeup” and the adepts of natural beauty looks.

Armani Spring 2014 Makeup Collection nude shades original images of products from

You get two nude lipsticks (# 314 and  # 514) and lip glosses (314 # 514), with beige and pink undertones. Fluid Sheer, to add some glow and luminosity to the face and the star product of the collection – golden-toned creamy  highlighter with the belladonna flower.

Armani lip products won several beauty awards and have high ranks in the beauty community, so  if you are still looking for the perfect nude –  this collection is worth taking a  look at.

I am personally interested in the pink-toned gloss.

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