Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Hand Cream Review. Rave

Being a huge  Aromatherapy Associates fan I was happy to try their new hands cream. Especially considering that I am slightly obsessed with hand creams… Plus, I am also a rose  scented products addict, so this looked like a win-win situation.

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Hand Cream ReviewI had  high expectations for this product, and it did not let me down.

I have very dry skin, and not all the products are doing that much for me. But this one does exactly what the brand promises: deeply nourishes,  hydrates, softens the skin, makes it smooth and silky.

Moreover, my friend had some serious issues, including a painful crack. I’ve decided to test this cream, and asked her to use it, and report back. She was delighted with the results!

AA also say that it helps to the appearance of blemishes such as age spots.  Luckily,  I don’t have any, so can’t make any comments  here.

Although the formula is so rich, the cream is non-greasy and I personally can type away (and do other things) several second after application. But if your hands are not as dry as mine, you may need more time.

Of course, because it’s Aromatherapy Associates, the scent is relatively strong, which I love, and really nice. The main notes are rose, geranium and passion flower.

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Hand Cream Review ingredientsAs you can see, I would totally recommend it!

The price is £23 and you can get it from Feel Unique.

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