Aromatherapy Associates Revitalising Face Oil. Review and Photos. Rave

After not very successful experiments with face oils I’ve decided that this kind of product is probably not for me, although I have very dry skin.

But I’ve decided to give the Aromatherapy Associates Revitalising Face Oil a try since I am a huge fan of the brand.I was hoping that it would not disappoint…

I have been using it for over a month every day and you can see how little I’ve used

This particular product (they have several face oils) is created for sensitive, mature or dry skin. It contains rose, frankincense and borage. ‘Frankincense has been prized for centuries for achieving rejuvenated and firm looking skin, whilst rose is cherished for enhancing skin radiance, and borage for smoothing the skin’s appearance.’

Aromatherapy Associates Revitalising Face Oil turned to be a total winter skin savior. In winter my skin is a total mess: it’s very dry, with dry patchy flakes and some redness. I find that my Clarins cream is not enough right now so this oil was a great addition to my skin care routine.

I have to say that it does live up to the the promises! My skin does feel and look so much better, it is not so dry and my foundation doesn’t look like cr*p on me anymore, as the skin is moisturized and hydrated. It feels so much smoother and softer.

This oil smells really nice to me, but what is even more important, it’s not greasy and does not clog the pores.

I have discovered that this oil has a pump after a month of using it like on the photo above. I couldn’t stop laughing about it! So I just had to post this photo, lol

How to use it?

After cleansing, toning (and serum if you use one) before the moisturizer. One pump is enough, you can apply the oil twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. But I personally apply only in the evening most of the times.

The price?
£37 for 15ml but it will last you for a very long time and is totally worth the investment in my opinion.

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