ArtDeco Dita von Teese Golden Vintage Makeup Collection for Holiday 2012

Here is the latest Dita von Teese’s  collaboration with ArtDeco Cosmetics – Golden Vintage collection which was inspired by the Golden Age of 1940’s Hollywood.

It is a very glamorous collection with everything you may need to create a holiday look, from red lipsticks and nail polishes, to beautiful powder and blush, and even beauty marks!

The products come in a limited edition gold design.


Candelight Powder

Finely-milled powder with pearlescent pigments.

Golden Vintage Blusher in Enravish

Beauty Marks, come in different sizes.


Golden Vintage Eyelights

  • Ménage à Trois

Golden Vintage Lash Designer

  • 01 Raven

Strip Lashes

  • 26 Black
  • 43 Black with crystals


Golden Vintage Lipstick

  • 15 Muse Red
  • 28 Maitresse
  • 36 Valentina

Golden Vintage Lip Lacquer

  • 28 Chinois
  • 70 Joliesse
Ceramic Nail Lacquer
  • 156 Narcisse Noir
  • 169 Sleight Of Hand

Mini Ceramic Nail Lacquer

  • 10 Gilded Moon
  • 12 Diamond Moon


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