ArtDeco Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches

It’s not a secret that I love ArtDeco eye shadows a lot and I always love getting the new shades. I’ve already reviewed some of my eye shadows so you can read my thoughts about the quality here.

And today I want to show you my neutral palette which looks like this.

without flash

The shades are:

  • 512 – matte white
  • 10 – shimmery white. I’ve alredy used this eye shadow completely in the past. So this is my 2nd one.
  • 18 – shimmery taupe
  • 605 – shimmery metallic grey/silver

Here is how they look like with flash

And here are the swatches

Each eye shadow is around €5 and the palette is around €8, depends on the country. So the palette is €28-€30.   I love these eye shadows and I’ve been using them for years now. There is a great selection of colours and there are different textures plus you can always get a different design of the palette. The quality of the eye shadows is amazing and they stay on for a long time.

And have  you tried ArtDeco eye shadows?

8 thoughts on “ArtDeco Eye Shadow Palette Review and Swatches”

  1. I like the colours you chose and I really like the fact that you included a matte white! I’ll write down the numbers, luckily this brand IS available in my country.

  2. I love Artdeco eyeshadows. They’re small but the quality is great. I like the colors you chose, they are all very pretty especially the last one.

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