ArtDeco Glam Art Makeup Collection for Holiday 2010

It’s not a secret that I am big fan of ArtDeco so I was happy to get the information about their new collections. The collection is called Glam Art and includes quite a few great pieces.

Glam Stars Eyelights Art. Nr. 5665.x 8/ 9, Shimmering highlighter.

For lightening of smaller areas use the eye shadow applicator, and for larger areas use the blusher brush.

Large eye shadow box Glam Stars

Quarto eye shadow box ( And I just love this one) Glam Stars

6 new eye shadowsGlam Star eye shadows. Silky soft eyeshadow with a metallic shine. 660, 650, 642 (top),612, 610, 608.

Glam Stars Shimmer Cream Art. Nr. 3101.x 3/.4 Luxurious glitter cream for face and body.

Liquid Star Liner in 11,16,18

Glam Star Lipstick in 74, 80, 84, 86. Lipstick with fine shine particles.

Glam Stars Lip Gloss 06, 14 Lip Gloss with shimmer effect.

Ceramic Nail Laquer in288, 291, 294 Nail lacquer with patented ceramic nano-particles.

Glitterspray in Gold and Silver

There should be also Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner. Liquid Eyeliner with fine glitter particles.

This collection will be available in October.

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