ArtDeco Glam Deluxe Makeup Collection for Holiday 2012

New ArtDeco makeup collection, Glam Deluxe, looks very holidays appropriate with all the metallics, shimmer and glitter.

I actually really love the colour of the eye shadows that are used on the promo photo, this is exactly my kind of shade.

Here is how the new seasonal design of the beauty boxes looks like. There is a duo box and a pretty multi-coloured blusher.

Beauty Box Duo Glam

Glam Star Blusher

The star product of the collection, besides the blusher, has to be the range of the new metallic eye shadows. I do hope they are long-lasting.

Glam Couture Eye Shadows

  • 10 glam white luxury
  • 14 glam silver crescent
  • 18 glam precious rose
  • 23 glam silken rose
  • 28 glam blissful taupe
  • 33 glam bronzed fabric

There are also six  Glam Stars Eye Designer Refills:

  • 208 glam white moon
  • 216 glam iconic gold
  • 228 glam rose mimosa
  • 236 glam gorgeous aubergine
  • 245 glam couture brown
  • 264 glam silver metal

Glam Stars Eye Designer Applicator 

Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner

  • 2 silver
  • 9 silvered teak

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof

  • 10 black

Glam Star Lip Gloss

  • 09 glam soft pink
  • 21 glam star soft pink
  • 26 glam star rosy nude

 Glam Stars Shimmer Cream

  • 3 platinum
  • 4 bronze

Glam Stars Glitter Spray

  • 1 silver
  • 3 gold

I personally really love the 236 glam gorgeous aubergine and 245 glam couture brown refills.


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