ArtDeco Glow Bronzing Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

I absolutely love this ArtDeco collection and would like to get quite a few products for myself (if not all of them). I love the turquoise, cobalt, green, gold and borze shades. Perfection!

Collection includes:

Bronzing Powder Compact ART DESIGN 11

Water-repellant bronzing powder with SPF 15

  • Sun Glow Bronzing
  • Sunset Bronzing

Travel Kabuki

Kabuki brush for Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15 as a travel size

Beauty Box Trio “Aqua Glow Bronzing”

Magnetic box for eyeshadows/blusher in limited design

Beauty Box Duo “Aqua Glow Bronzing”

Magnetic box for eyeshadows in limited design

Eyeshadows – duocrome (powder eye shadows in iridescent duocrome colours) and pearl(powder eyeshadows in shimmery pearl shades)

  • 12 Chocolate Cake
  • 25 Beach
  • 57 Tropical Green
  • 59 Caribbean Green
  • 257 Clear Water
  • 263 Venetian Blue

Eye Designer Applicator “Aqua Glow Bronzing”

Double-sided applicator pencil for the Eye Designer Refills in limited design

Eye Designer Refill

Refillable powder eye shadow cartridge

  • 20 Hot Espresso
  • 34 Shimmering Gold Mine
  • 54 Cobalt Turquoise
  • 60 Green Lagoon
  • 62 Moons Reflection
  • 68 Deep Atlantic

Ceramic Nail Lacquer

Nail lacquer with patented ceramic nano particles

  • 177 Pure Bronze
  • 179 Shimmering Ivory
  • 225 Rainbow Green
  • 229 Reflecting Algae
  • 236 Deep Aqua
  • 242 Juniper Blue

Lip Brilliance

Long-lasting lip gloss

  • 23 Brilliant Sweet Candy
  • 61 Brilliant Sweet Raspberry

Golden Shimmer – Illuminating Fluid

Fluid with gently simmering gold particles

High Protection Lip Stylo

Lip protection with SPF 30

Spray on Leg Foundation

Tanning spray for the legs

This is a gorgeous collection with affordable prices from €4.80 for eye shadows to €19.50 for the bronzing powder

Do you like this collection as much as I do? What would you like to get?


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