ArtDeco Lip Laquer 40 Rosy Tribute Review and Lip Swatches

I want to show you a beautiful Lip Laquer   from  ArtDeco . It comes in a black tube which looks simple and chic, just the way I like it.

I also love the sponge applicator which it comes with. I personally find that it allows an easy  and even application without a lip brush or lip liner.  But you may want to use a brush.

As for the texture, it gives a very nice high coverage of the  lipstick and the shiny, glossy and creamy finish of the gloss. It’s basically like a non-sticky liquid lipstick. I realy love it.

I don’t find the formula drying but make sure that you don’t have any dry areas on your lips before you apply the product as it may draw the attention to those areas.

This particular shade, 40 Rosy Tribute, is really beautiful, a perfect colour for winter if you ask me.

On my lips it lasts for several hours and doesn’t look that bad when fading away.

there is a nude lip liner applied on the photo;applied with the sponge from the laquer

 A lot of people have been asking me where to buy ArtDeco on-line. You can buy the Lip Laquers here for £16.75.

But for some reason they are expensive in the GBP, these are usually around €10.

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