ArtDeco Miami Makeup Collection for Summer 2014

I am loving the look of this new ArtDeco makeup colletion inspired by Miami and summer weather.

You get lip glosses and eye shadows in a stick form, waterproof mascara, long-lasting  eye liners and juicy shades of nail polishes. Everything you need for a warm-weather makeup bag…

And how pretty is the promo image?

ArtDeco Miami Makeup Collection for Summer 2014 promoThe products are:

Glossy Lip Color: 12 Glossy Orange, 16 Glossy Pink Grapefruit, 20 Glossy Strawberry (love the look of it!), 26 Glossy Exotic, 32 Glossy Havana and 36 Glossy Rumba.

ArtDeco Miami Makeup Collection for Summer 2014 products

Long-Lasting Eyeshadow Stick Waterproof: No.08 Rich Girl, No.14 City Highlight, 18 Caribbean Coffee, 24 Tropica Monsoon, 28 Cool Atlantic, 34 Cruise Ship, 38 American Girl.

All in One Liquid Liner: 01 Black, 05 Coconut ,15 Sea Port, 22 Cool Atlantic, 30 Tropical Monsoon.

Ceramic Nail Lacquer: 232 Coastal City, 234 Tropical Monsoon, 239 Cool Atlantic, 258 Caribbean Cuisine, 270 Hot Summer, 277 Pop Music

All in One Waterproof Mascara  71 Black  and All in One Mascara 01 Black

Can’t wait to see the bronze eye shadow and several lip crayons in person.

This collection will be soon available from Beauty Bay.



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