ArtDeco Mystic Garden Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012

As usual, I am loving the new ArtDeco makeup collection. The AW collection is called Mystic Garden and is all about the brown and purple eye products and beautiful  dark pink, burgundy and brownish lip shades. There are also four new nail polishes, new blush and powder shades.

The makeup on the promo looks perfect, especially I like that the liner is not black. This model, for some reason reminds me of Monica Bellucci.

This collection includes:


Duochrome Eyeshadow

  • 209 Earth Spirit
  • 213 Attractive Nude
  • 283 Intense Aubergine

 Eyeshadow Pearl

  • 89 Pearly Eternal Violet

Eye Designer Refill 90 Autumn Flower and 98 Rich Cream

Soft Eye Liner Waterproof  16 Autumn Leaves

Soft Kajal Liner  64 Warm Brown

High Precision Liquid Liner 03 Brown

All in One Mascara 07  Grey-green


Art Couture Lipstick 205 Cream Tosca Red and 231 Cream Autumn Brown

Perfect Color Lipstick  32 Autumn Flower and 82 Pink Cabaret

Hydra Lip Booster 40 Translucent Cryptal Bud

Mineral Lip Styler 12 Mineral Tosca Red and 17 Mineral Vintage Nude


Blusher 36 Autumn Fruit

Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation 40 Natural

It gives the coverage of a classical foundation and the matting consistency of a loose powder, but in a compact. Suitable for oily skin. and  sensitive skin. Contains Vitamin E and Rosemary extract. Tiger grass extract improves the contours and tightens. Silicone and fragrance free. Without talc, wax and oil.


Ceramic Nail Lacquer

  • 07 Pink Cabaret
  • 26 Deep Scarlet Red
  • 31 Brown Truffle
  • 69 Rich Cream

2 thoughts on “ArtDeco Mystic Garden Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012”

  1. I haven’t heard of this brand before. This collection looks very pretty, and the palette is interesting. The way the shadows slide out, are they customisable?

    Personally, I thought the model looked a lot like Megan Fox. As I was scrolling down the page quickly, I almost thought it was an Armani post. Maybe she’s like a combination of the two.

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