New Lip Laquers: ArteDeco Lip Laquers And Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing Lip Colors

If you are not a huge fan of the sheer textures in lipsticks you are gonna love these new products by ArtDeco and Bare Minerals.

Both products are promised to be vibrant and smooth with a glossy and opaque coverage and a long-lasting effect.

I haven’t tried them myself yet but I am really looking forward to as these look and sound amazing. And after seeing swatches I want pretty much all the shades of these gorgeous lip laquers.

Bare Minerals Pretty Amazing


  1. Courage, Warm Strawberry
  2. Fearless, Rosy mauve
  3. Bravado, Brick rose
  4. Strength, Red
  5. Free Will, Pink Nude
  6. Ambition, Fuchsia
  7. Moxie, Bright petal pink
  8. Charisma, Coral Pink

ArtDeco Lip Lacquer


  1. 10 Impassioned Mauve
  2. 15 Frangible Rose
  3. 20 Tranquilly Pink
  4. 25 Viva Rouge
  5. 30 Flashing Cherry
  6. 35 Baroque Rouge
  7. 40 Rosy Tribute
  8. 45 Cashmere Rose

*Both products are now added to my never-ending wish list*



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