Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo Review

I am finally going to tell you about the shampoo that I’ve picked up back in December. And it is Aussie’s Aossome Volume.

I love the brand’s fun approach to beauty, amazing ads and no-nonsense promises.  Plus the price is affordable (£4.69 for 300ml).

So what do they promise in this case? “Say goodbye to limp, fine hair and say hello to big, bouncy locks! Full of all kind of goodness, Aussie’s Aussome Volume is all you need for voluptuous volume.”

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo Review

Sounds great, but does it work?

In my opinion, it totally does. I find that it gives my hair more volume, even if I don’t blow dry it, and just leave it to dry naturally. In fact, I’ve asked a friend to use it, without telling what kind of shampoo it was. And my friend also let the hair dry naturally. And guess what? I’ve heard about the great volume back. So, yes, it works!

Besides giving volume, this shampoo is a pleasure to use, it smells fruity, and looks pink (I think some girls would appreciate it), gives a lot of foam, which I personally like, and leaves the hair looking fresh and lovely.

In general, I think this is the best affordable shampoo I’ve tried this year.

Aussie Aussome Volume Shampoo Review ingredisnts

Next on my list – Aussie Miracle Shine Shampoo. Anything else I should try from Aussie?

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