Bare Escentuals Sweet Sparklers Lipstick and Lip Gloss Set. Review and Lip Swatches

Before the holidays I won this amazing set from the Bare Escentuals  via their twitter.

It is called Sweet Sparklers and includes:

  • Mini 100% Natural Lipcolor in Sherbet (baby pink)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipcolor in Rose Crepe (blush rose)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Pink Prosecco (blushing effervescence)
  • Mini 100% Natural Lipgloss in Kir Royale (twinkling sheer plum)

First of all I have to say that it looks so cute and pretty, absolutely love it!

I haven’t tried the lipsticks yet so I can’t tell you my opinion about them yet but the colours look so lovely that I am almost sure that I am going to love them both.

As for the glosses – I absolutely loved them. They are very shiny and sparkly, look very beautiful on the lips. The formula is moisturising and I love how it feels on the lips. Although some people may find it a bit sticky I like this type of glosses personally. They also have a sweet scent which is so yummy.

The price is £20/$28 and I think it’s a great value for 4 products. Plus the shades are wonderful – nude and light plum, they should look great on almost evryone. I would definitely get such set with the different shades, pink and coral for e.g.  in the future.


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