Bath & Shower Products Of The Week. Vol 3

It’s the beginning of the new week, so here is what bath and shower products I’ve been using last week. You can see the previous posts here and here.

Shower Gels and Scrub

I have been showing a lot of love to my Lush shower gels this month. I have a lot of different ones from different brands, as I like to rotate them but these two were used a lot. Happy Hippy is a fresh grapefruit with a not very overpowering scent, so could be used not only in the mornings. Glögg is a spicy and warm fragrance which always cheers me up!

As for the scrub – Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub was my choice recently, as it is a gentle exfoliator which makes the skin smooth and allows creams and oils to absorb better.


My skin is extremely dry and flaky at the moment so I am using a lot of different oils on it. I love taking a long and relaxing bath with some oils, for example  with this Lavera Organic Wild Rose Bath Oil. It is almost gone so I will be checking out other Lavera bath oils, as  I find that it is a high quality for a very affordable price.

As a rose scent fan, I have been loving another rose oil,  Linden Leaves Memories Body Oil. My dry skin loves it and I love the scent. I would definitely recommend checking out this beauty brand (Linden Leaves) from New Zealand, it should get more attention, in my opinion, as their products are brilliant!

Last but not least is my hero product – Elemis Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt which is in the clear bottle, as everything rubbed off.  There are so many ways you can use it actually (click the link to read more) and I am definitely re-purchasing it in the future.


Papaya and Lime Shine Shampoo. I was curious about this shampoo so got it several months ago.   I did not like it as much, as my other shampoos, so I actually gave it away to a friend, along with some other beauty products.

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