BB Creams. Are They Worth The Hype?

It looks like everyone is talking about BB creams  these days. Some say they changed their lives, some that these are too thick and not worth the attention.

It seems like I am the only person on Earth who still never tried any BB Cream (hopefully) yet.

But what about you? Have you tried any? Have you found the one you like? Do you think it’s all worth the hype?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the original source of this picture

Since I haven’t tried these, I don’t see the point of posting the official information as you can find it on the websites of a lot of brand’s. But I wanted to share this wonderful post by the Muse where she writes about  the difference between a BB Cream and a Tinted Moisturizer.

You can also find reviews of different BB Creams over at Cosmetic Candy and My Women Stuff.

20 thoughts on “BB Creams. Are They Worth The Hype?”

  1. I’ve tried few of them like Missha, Eyeko and Skin Food but they don’t work for me. They tend to look grey on my face, lol. And tehy don’t feel light at all on my skin. :/

    Anyway, won’t be trying them again since I have a few good foundations for me so I don’t need them but it was tempting. 🙂

  2. I’ve been recently using the SkinFood Aloe Sun BB cream and really liking it, it’s quite different to anything I’ve used before but in a good way, there’s a quickie review on my blog if you’re curious 🙂

  3. I am writing a series of posts on different brands of BB Creams in my blog right now.

    Some are better than the others, but I find Asian brands’ BB Creams usually perform better than BB Creams from western brands.

  4. Thank you for the mention Marina! 🙂 I’ve been trying BB creams again recently and I personally prefer Western brands and Japanese brands over Korean ones. I just prefer something with a lighter texture which these offer. Korean ones tend to be thicker but tend to perform better as all in one products. It will all come down to personal preference in the end. My personal preference is to go with a good liquid foundation 🙂

  5. Because of Izzy’s reviews (the Muse), I ordered an Etude House BB from amazon. In my region, summer is brutal, up into the 100’s, dry heat. I don’t like layering sunscreen, primer, foundation in that weather, and so I decided to try a BB as an all-in-one option. Tinted moisturizers always leave my skin greasy so I’m hoping this product will be an easy way to do all that the product says it does. If t doesn’t work, I’m not out much money, and I can say I’ve tried a BB.

  6. Nope, I have not tried them either! I’ve had plenty of chances to pick one up too…I just never seem to get around to it. Before it was because I was worried BB creams would be too light for my skintone, but now I’m worried they’ll be too dark.

  7. I’ve tried the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB cream as well as the Lioele Triple the Solution BB cream and I’m in love with the latter! I use it everyday without fail and have been neglecting my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation.

  8. I have 4 of them (all from the same brand) and ordered now a different kind. I prefer them for summer wear, because it replaces my moisturizer and functions as a foundation too. During summer I don’t like to wear foundation as I sweat it off in a blink,but as BB it stays on longer (not all day tho)
    Finding the right texture is the same as with any creams..and the color, yes, most of them will never suit caucasian skintones, but searching will pay off everntually.
    BTW Illamasqua is coming out with their own BBs, with several shades…that should be a major change! =D

  9. I have never tried one but I’m not sure whether it’d be an easy task to choose the right one for me… Thanks for sharing the links, very useful! x

  10. Ive tried many bb creams and there are so many different ones. Ive yet to find the perfect one – one that fits my skin tone AND does something special for my skin. Ive found either – Missha do a shade 13 which is perfect for pale skin, but the bb creams in those shades dont agree with my skin type.Ive found bb creams for my skin type (oily) but the colour is slightly too yellow or dark (innisfree and etude house)

    The other main problem is swatch colours. they are often SO off on the brands websites…what looks pale and cool tones is actually darker and warmer toned.

    Im still looking though as i will find the right one for me, as when they work as a treatment for a skin type, they are fantastic and i notice when i dont use them my skin doesnt like it!

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