Beautiful Ladies: 8 Reasons to Like Makeup and Beauty Blog

karen Makeup and Beauty Blog

I hope you have noticed beautiful ladies that I have on my blog and already checked out those blogs. Although I am a beauty blogger I also love to read other blogging babes. Today I would like to tell you about my favorite beauty blog. It’s Makeup and Beauty Blog. Why do I like it so much or what makes it so special? Or the question is WHO makes this blog so  special? It’s  gorgeous fabulous and yet super funny lady named Karen.

So here are only few reasons why I like her blog so much and why you should check it by yourself:

1. Karen writes awesome reviews. There she tells all pluses and minuses and writes about her opinion. And it’s not a boring review, it’s  always a great one, belive me!

2. She usually is one of the first bloggers who makes posts with swatches of new collections.

3. If you are a fan of Chanel – you should check her blog because there you can find a lot about this brand.

4. Karen has a great sense of humor. And I checked out ALL her articles. And this is the only blog which I checked out like that.

5. If you like cats as much as I do you’d love MBB because of Tabs the Cat 🙂 ( if you read MBB you know what I’m talking about))). There are a lot of post with and about him.

6. This blog is not only about makeup and beauty tips. You can also find a lot of interesting information, polls and reviews about different things.

7. Every Monday Karen starts with a poll and it’s a great opportunity to find out what others like and dislike. I try to answer the questions every Monday. My favourite question is about plans for the week I usually read answers to this questions and if I see something interesting I may try it myself :P.  It’s the same with good books or movies etc. This poll gives inspiration – great start of the week!

8. I also love all the positive posts about random things where Karen shares with us what she likes, her dreams and asks her readers to do the same.

This is brief summary in Russian:

Если вы знаете английский – советую вам почитать блог Карен – МББ. Там вы найдете много инетесных обзоров, свотчей последних коллекций и просто интересных постов про все на свете: от кота Карен  до опроса по понедельникам.

karen Makeup and Beauty Blog

All photos are from Makeup and Beauty Blog

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