Beautiful Ladies: Why You Should Like The Beauty Look Book & More

As you all know I am writing about my favourite blogs each month. This month  is the final post about the blogs from America. So here are some blogs that I think are worth  your attention!

The Beauty Look Book

Since Sabrina never posts photos of herself here is the photo from her blog that I like a lot!

You can read more about Sabrina here

This was the love from the first sight 😉 I liked this blog from the very first time I saw it and now I am checking out all the new posts because they all are amazing! Here are some reasons why you may like The Beauty Look Book.

  1. There are a lot of swatches and photos of different high end brands.
  2. You’d love this blog if you  want to find out more information about such brands as: Edward Bess, Chantecaille, Paul and Joe, Le Metier de Beaute, Dolce and Gabbana .
  3. One of my favourite feature at the blog is swatch comparison. And no other blogger does it as good as Sabrina does.
  4. There are a lot of posts about Chanel and I am very happy about that.
  5. Im sure you’d find the “Colour Focus” and “Looks”  posts very useful.

Anyway , I could tell you a lot more but you better see everything  yourself at The Beauty Look Book.  This blog is in my personal top 10 of beauty blogs.

Want to know what other blogs I like?

A Brilliant Brunette

Read about Jacqueline here

At A Brilliant Brunette blog you can find out how to create amazing looks and find out more about such brands :

  • Coastal Scents
  • Glamour Doll Eyes
  • Harajuku Hunnies
  • and more

The girl creates gorgeous looks I love them all 😉

One more blog that you should check out is

All Laquered Up

It is a blog about everything that you need to know about nail polish and nails: latest collections, swatches, swatch comparisons, gallery and many more.

Last season the most famous shade was Jade (mint) By Chanel. This season Chanel aslo got a great shade Perticuliere.

And here is the the colour that you can use as a dupe – OPI You Don’t Know Jacques

You can read about Michelle here

There are some other blogs from  the US that I like to read sometimes but these are the main, I guess. And what American blogs do you read and why?

All the photos  that I’ve used belong to the bloggers from the post!


  1. The Beauty Look Book is one of my favorite sites! I agree – Lina has great taste in MU and is such a doll, too. When I ask her advice she never steers me wrong. The swatch comparisons are a huge help; the colors lineups that she puts together can’t be beat. I also heart the Chanel posts; my wallet? Not so much, lol.

  2. Thank you for the comments, ladies!
    @ Lindsay
    They are amazing, aren’t they
    You are welcome 😉
    I agree with everything. The same with the wallet , lol


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