Beauty and Lifestyle Plans for 2014

I have already shared my beauty conclusions of 2013, and here is the list of my beauty and lifestyle related  plans  for 2014.

Jessica Durrant Fashion IllustrationJessica Durrant Fashion Illustration

1. If you read my 2013 list, you know that I have been working out on a regular basis and couldn’t be more happier but in the end of January/February I plan to start a new program, and already found a gym where they have it near my work.

2.  I am now more into perfumes, and would like to find a signature scent(s), and experiment with perfumes more. So far my favourites are Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise and Illamasqua’s Freak.  Wish me luck.

3.  Closer to summer, I’d like to have a course of massages.  I am not very organized when it comes to such things, and I have never completed a course yet. That is a challenge.

4.  I plan on having facials more often. They are so worth it. I can definitely see a difference. And, luckily, not only me.

5. This is probably too much information, but we are all humans, so… I have been thinking about laser epilation for some time now. Currently I am  waxing,  but there are some minuses  for me. If you had laser epilation – I would really appreciate your opinion.

6. I want to be more organized with my  beauty purchases, make wish list ahead and stick to them. It doesn’t mean that I won’t have any spontaneous  beauty shopping, but not on a regular basis.

7. I am so bad at using hair masks, so I better find those that work for me and use them!

8.  Teeth whitening. I am considering that.  I am currently researching this topic and talking to the people who did it, and dentists.  And what do you think?

9. Besides getting facials on a regular basis, I’d like to try some beauty procedures that I haven’t tried before.

10. I want to get more cook books and books abut nutrition, making the list already. Of course, your recommendations are more welcomed!

11. Not sure, how realistic this is, but I’d love to spend a bit more time outside, walking, if possible. Work and blog are great things, but  sometimes you just have to get for a walk. I feel so much better whenever I do it.

12. Makeup4all really needs a re-design, and I better start working on that soon.

13.  Be more creative with my makeup and spend more weekends working as a MUA. I love doing that a lot, but often that is hard to find time.

14. I would say that I have to stop eating late in the evenings. But, come on, who am a kidding?! That is like my favourite thing to do. le sigh.

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