Beauty Inspiration: Almond Shaped Nails

One of my favourite things about beauty is the ability to change your routine according to your mood and preferences. Some time ago I’ve posted about the different nails shape and length I’ve had during the years, and today I want to share about my current obsession which is long almond-shaped manicure.

Makeup4all Nails Of The day red and crimson

I am not entirely sure where this came from but several weeks ago, I’ve ¬†decided that ¬†I want my nails to look this way, I was even considering stiletto [shape] but that is not very practical in real life.

So here is just a picture of the latest two manicures I’ve had this month. The red one was three weeks old when I took the picture, so please excuse the look of it. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of the (gel) polishes, as I had my nails done in the salon.

Here are some more photos that I find inspiring for the future which I’ve found on Pinterest.

Makeup4all manicure inspiration black, nude, red and purple

And what have you been loving manicure-wise lately?

2 thoughts on “Beauty Inspiration: Almond Shaped Nails”

  1. I myself have almond shape nails. I so love it that is why I make sure that it stays in shape like an almond. I find it sexy and classy on nails especially with nail polish.

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