Beauty Inspiration: Blair Waldorf’s Wedding Makeup

My most embarrassing secret? I watch Gossip Girl…

Why did even start watching it? To look at the makeup and clothes!

But then I got sucked in and, although I liked only the first two seasons, I still watch it because of the beautiful makeup and clothes but now also for Chuck and Blair (can’t believe I am even writing this).

I also love Leighton Meester, she is such a beauty!

I have already written a post about Gossip Girl and Chanel Makeup but the reason why I am writing this one is to share the gorgeous makeup look Blair wore to her wedding!

I am totally in love with whole look and the details:

  • the blue based glossy pink lips, such colour looks amazing on Blair, and it’s my favourite!
  • pink eye shadows with the crease contouring (there is a photo below), eye liner and some natural looking false lashes; made her eyes look defined but nothing dramatic, perfect for the wedding day!
  • I also like how the Make-Up Artists used the warm toned blush (at least it looks like that on the photo) to contrast the eyes/lips makeup and to make the face look fresh and glowing.
  • of course, the face looked flawless and the brows perfectly shaped.

Here is the makeup with the eyes almost closed.

Everything is just perfect! I would totally wear such makeup to my own wedding (ha!) as I have the same colouring as Leithon/Blair and such colours look nice on me, too.

I wonder who did this particular makeup… There are  a lot of  MUAs listed at the Gossip Girl  makeup department section so  it’s hard to find out. But I’d love to know!

And have you seen the 100th episode? Thoughts? Do you watch any ‘teen dramas’?

All the photos are screenshots from the CW show Gossip Girl made by me.


13 thoughts on “Beauty Inspiration: Blair Waldorf’s Wedding Makeup”

      1. It looks a lot like glossimer in Imaginaire but 2 or 3 layers of it maybe over some fuschia lipstick because it looks really bright.

  1. I’m watching it on ITV2 so haven’t yet seen the wedding episode. I am a sucker for these shows – I love seeing the fashion and different styles of character.

    1. The lipgloss Blair used is Revlon in Pink Pop. An First I thought that it’s Chanel, it kind of looks like glossimer. But then after watching the part when she puts it on about 20 times I realized that the packaging though looks similar to glossimer is not identical. So I started searching and I found the revlon super lustrous lip gloss pink pop. I bought it yesterday and compared it with the video and now I’m a 100 percent sure that it’s the lip gloss she used.

  2. Apparently, people discuss this even on forums))). According my Amy from , some suggest it is YSL Gloss Pur #9.
    Cat, Chelsea is very light, it hardly gives any colour. Maybe she was just placing it on top of the lipstick.

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