Beauty Inspiration: Dior Cruise 2012 Collection

I was away for a week and was extremely busy so I didn’t really have time to serf the Web for any beauty related things. But here is what caught my attention when I came back.

It is simply stunning! Everything about it! Jac is gorgeous, so are the makeup and clothes.

You can also see the nail polishes from the Spring 2012 makeup collection which is gorgeous by the way! The lilac one on this photo.

And the pastel lime green on the next one.

I really love the style of this photo session, makes me want to dress all girly and feminine and go on a vacation with my girlfriends.

I could go tomorrow, really…

I could post all the photos but here is the last one 😉

You can see all the photos at Dior’s Facebook page.

There is also a video which  I love, too.

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I know it’s only November, but I am so ready to see the Summer 2012 collections!

4 thoughts on “Beauty Inspiration: Dior Cruise 2012 Collection”

  1. hi marina!!! thankyou for posting images for spring colour ’12. this will be a difficult choice because so far, every brand you’ve shown certainly has something to offer. there is something that bothers me….i love jac too! but, she is the “face” for chanel….and, now she’s showing dior? although, i know karlie fronts the dior campaign. why this bothers me? not sure….but, i was not wrong in knowing that some of the colours jac was wearing in collection campaigns of the past were not available to the consumer. i’ve noticed chanel’s website is beginning to show “the look” with colour descriptions. (i still know they’re not accurate all the time). i guess when you save a month’s paycheck to buy a makeup collection it proves disheartening, at least to me.of all the models to choose from…..when the collections come out for spring, and very soon, in a few weeks, i’m going to inspect the productsextremely carefully. and, try on every look i can. i’m also going to inspect quality and where these products are made. so far, armani is proving to be most wearable and understated. but, seems incomplete without nail colour….just like seeing megan fox wearing dolce and gabbana or another brand. why does this bother me so??? am i the only 1 that feels this way??? thankyou marina!!!! you are the best!!! xo to you!!!

    1. I was also surprised to see Jac in Dior’s video but she looks amazing. I am happy that you are enjoying the Spring collections preview, Wendy. I have some more to show next week, Guerlain, YSL, Givenchy 😉 x

  2. ooooh!!! i can’t wait to see more!!! i had time to sleep on it and, i definitely think jac really represented dior very well! now, to figure out the “breakdown” of her nakeup which is always frustrating! we know the nail colours…now what about the red lippie? and, on my monitor it looked like she had a dark pink. i only saw pale shades for the spring preview….if you find out anything please let us know. i noticed the runway looks featured the darker lip too. thankyou marina! i hope you have a happy week!! xoxo to you!!

    1. Thanks so much, Wendy! Hope you are having a great weekend, too.
      Well, maybe that’s summer makeup collection used? I will try to find out. But maybe Dior will post the details on their Facebook page later! x

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