Beauty Inspiration: Futuristic and Dystopian

I have to admit that I am slightly obsessed with dystopian novels, and  love all those futuristic and manus x machina themes. And, yes, I do have a board on Pinterest.

It may have something to do with the fact that I did culture studies back at uni and read lots of philosophical theories on the subject.  Whatever it is, I have been always fascinated with the futuristic beauty.

Here is actually a photo I’ve posted on Instagram recently.
Dystopian and futuristic makeup and beauty makeup4all

The products shown are:

And here are also some kick ass beauty looks from the relatively recent  MET Gala, how cool are they?

While I probably wouldn’t be able to pull of silver hair or intense silver eye shadows, I am dying over those vampy lips.

Futurisctic makeup Manus ex Machina Makeup4all Met GalaYes, I  can’t get over how cool all those silver and holographic looks are. And I am currently looking for a nice piece of clothing or shoes with a futuristic vibe to them.

Beauty Inspiration Futuristic and Dystopian

And what inspired you lately?


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