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Beauty Inspiration: Make-Up Artist Linda Hallberg

I must have been living under a rock, or something… I can’t believe that I’ve discovered the gorgeous Swedish Make-Up Artist Linda Hallberg only this week.

If you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest you have probably already noticed that.

I may have even spend about an hour of working time browsing her website and looking at her wonderful makeup looks. Not to mention that Linda is a real beauty.

In fact, after browsing her looks, I have spent about 30 minutes on my makeup (in the evening before going out), thinking about all the details. She inspired me so much. Recently I was stuck in a makeup rut, and Linda reminded me that beauty can be really  fun and creative.  It actually made me really happy. I know that may sound silly, but it made  me realize once again why I fell in love with all things beauty in the first place.

Anyway, I would highly recommend following her here. I do now, of course! And if you know anyone with a similar style – please let me know 😉


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