Beauty Inspiration:1920s

This week when I was sick at home I’ve watched a lot of 1920 videos on youtube.  There are a lot of great videos about fashion, Charleston and 1920 in general. I also loved quite a few makeup tutorials of 20’s.

So here is one video for you 🙂

And what do you think about 1920? What about makeup of that time? I am always excited to see videos of different decades and cultures because I’ve actually studied arts and culture at the university. I would really love to visit a 20’s themed party.

7 thoughts on “Beauty Inspiration:1920s”

  1. The makeup of the 20s is a bit too aggressive for me. It plays a role in women’s rebellion against stereotypes – and its purpose was to set progressive young women apart from their old-fashioned mothers’ ideals. I just can’t ignore this fact and wearing 20s makeup makes me feel a bit like those people who wear dreadlocks without being part of the movement. This makeup has a message which can’t be taken out of its context. If I could take it out, however, I’m still not keen on painted brows… 🙂

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