Beauty Related Things That Inspired Me This Week. Vol 4

It is Sunday which means that I am going to tell you about the makeup and beauty related things that inspired me this week.

I was looking through some makeup looks and this one really caught my attention. Absolutely love the dewy skin, the gorgeous bright matte lipstick, the eye shadow colour looks interesting and refreshing.

This photo is from Elle, Make-Up artist is Romy Soleimani.

I love watching some series when and Pan Am show really caught my attention. I can’t wait to start watching it! Judging from the promo images and trailer, it’s going to be amazing.  And by the way, I can’t wait for the 5th season of Mad Men.

I have already written about Jonathan Ward candles here and here.  I have three candles in general and I really love them all. So I am very excited about the new collection which is inspired by Russia.  Jonathan himself (follow him on twitter) says that is has to be his favourite collection so far.

And as for myself, I totally love the design and the promo images. I have to include the descriptions, too as they sound delicious. I bet these are amazing candles to get for Autumn/Winter.


A mysterious, decadently spiced fragrance inspired by the love songs Russian soldiers would sing to their loved ones when facing wartime. Including rich notes of Cedarwood, Elemi Cognac, Tonka Bean, Birch Leaf, Organic Black Pepper and Rosemary.

 The Empress And  Darya

A regal, spiced woody aroma. Inspired by the capture of the infamous serial killer Darya by Catherine the Great this unique fragrance contains notes of Cashmere Cedarwood, Cumin, Vetiver, Amber, Cinammon and Clove.

 The Gypsy

A deeply sensual Gypsy inspired floral with notes of Carnation, Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Patchouli, Amber, Cedarwood.

The price. Large £35 – 8.5oz (241g) , burn time: 45hrs; Medium £25 – 6.5oz (185g) , burn time: 30hrs.

 And what inspired you this week?

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  1. I’m a huge fan of Mad Men, and seriously, can’t wait for the new season. Meanwhile, this PanAm series might be interesting as well… 🙂

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