Beauty Tricks From Women To Women To Look Flawless

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You only have to read your favourite magazines to know that even the most beautiful women feel as though they have flaws. It’s good to know that celebrities have the same worries as ordinary women. Since we all tend to have the same few problems, there are loads of solutions that we can share with one another.

Bad skin

When you have poor skin you don’t feel beautiful but there are ways to combat it. If you suffer from spots, blackheads or dullness, exfoliating can help. There are plenty of exfoliating products available so you can find one that suits you. Dry skin can be painful and develop redness as well as feeling unpleasant to the touch. Moisturising keeps your skin supple and smooth, but if you use too much cream or the wrong one for your skin type you could develop clogged pores. Some people use a body oil which can be rubbed or sprayed on and tends to be lighter and more easily absorbed.

Looking pasty

If you are too pale, it can make you look tired and unhealthy, even if you’re in great shape! The perfect way to give your skin a boost is to get yourself a year-round tan without ever needing to go near a beach or a sun bed by applying fake tan. With some very effective home tanning products available, it’s easy to get a sun-kissed glow that is the perfect base for minimal make up or for when you go bare-faced. Just make sure you exfoliate before you use the tan so it will go on smoothly and have a good finish.


Uneven tones

Very few women are lucky enough to have evenly pigmented skin over their whole face. Most of us have dark circles under our eyes or redness on or around the nose or chin at least some of the time. Using concealer before applying any other make-up is an easy way to deal with this; give it plenty of time to soak in before applying anything else or it is likely to leave your make up looking patchy.

Thin lips

If you aren’t happy with the idea of having lip filler injected, you can use your make up to give the illusion of having a much fuller mouth. One way to do this is to wear light shades of lipstick and apply a coat of lip gloss once the lipstick has dried. A final touch is to draw a small line just above your lips and another just underneath using white eyeliner to mimic a shine.

Problem hair

If you have greasy hair, you probably wash it frequently to try to remove the oil, which is okay as long as you use the right shampoo. A gentle shampoo which is designed for frequent washing and warm, not hot, water are ideal. On the other hand, if your hair is dry or brittle, it would probably benefit from regular treatments, such as hot oil or a rich conditioner. You may also have damaged it with heat; in which case you should give it a holiday from the straighteners for a while to let it recover.

Everybody knows that beauty is skin-deep, but there’s no getting away from the fact that we all feel a little better when we know we look good. If you take good care of your skin and hair, you will be making the most of your natural assets and you could become the woman other women turn to for beauty tips.

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