BECCA Beach Tint Trio Set Review and Swatches

When I saw BECCA’s holiday 2010 collection I knew that  it will be mine! I’ve picked 2 sets for myself and here are my thoughts about  the Beach Tint Trio.

So Beach Tints are:

  • Beautiful  stains for cheeks and lips which smell just like the fruit/berry it is named after.
  • These are very small, only 7ml, but you actually need the smallest amount of product (which you will see on the photo below). The shade is buildable.
  • Probably the best thing about the Beach Tints is that it looks very natural, just like your real blush.  It is quite hard to go overboard with most of the shades. Just make sure that you blend the edges really well.
  • It is not greasy. And doesn’t look streaky when it’s dry.

  • When it’s put – it stays on for the whole day! BECCA is an Australian brand and the idea of this products is that you can wear it even on the beach to give yourself a natural blush and lip colour and it will stay on despite all the swimming and hot weather. Well, I didn’t have an opportunity to try it out myself (but I don’t wear makeup to the beach anyway) but it is snowing here right now and the blush stays on no matter what.
  • I haven’t really tried these out on my lips the proper way because it’s winter and my lips are too dry so it’s not the best idea to wear the stains right now. But I will give it a go when it’s not so cold.

Here is how the swatches look like: Watermelon, Grapefruit and Apricot.

As I already said  – you need the smallest amount of it. I would obviously blend it out more but I left it more intense so that you can actually see the shade.

I really love Watermelon and Grapefruit. As for Apricot, which is a LE, I like it but right now it’s a bit too bright for me so I will be using it in summer.

I should also mention that this set is a good deal because you would have to pay £57 for getting 3 Beach Tints and you pay £44. This is an amazing price! So get your set while it is still in stock.

I know that a lot of people always want to know the ingredients. I don’t as long as the products work although maybe I should. So here is the photo.

I’ve also got myself the Smokey Eyes Set so stay tuned for my review.

Are there any BECCA fans out there? What are your favourite products? I plan to try all the products from the brand and I am getting there 😉

Buy BECCA from Sephora or SpaceNK.

3 thoughts on “BECCA Beach Tint Trio Set Review and Swatches”

  1. I have Grapefruit too and really love the shade. However, on me, it didn’t pass the beach/swim test last summer. Gave a gorgeous natural flush of colour though!!! xx

    1. Oh, interesting, I can’t wait to test it myself. But I am still going to love these even if they won’t pass the test. I love everything from BECCA that I have 🙂 x

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