BECCA Cream Blush in Amaryllis Review and Swatches

I love cream blushes and I love BECCA so cream blush from BECCA is something that I do love a lot! ūüôā

I have mine in Amaryllis which is a rich dusty pink shade.

As you can see this blush has the same design as their cream eye shadows and I like such design:  minimal and stylish.

So this is how Amaryllis looks in the pan. It may look a bit too bright but, believe me, it looks very natural after you apply and blend it.

Besides being very beautiful this product is also long- lasting and it stays on for a long time even on  dry skin.

It’s easy to use this blush and you can do it with your fingers. Also it’s not a problem to blend it, it looks as a natural blush of your cheeks.

And this is how it looks like when applied. Please mind that ¬†I’ve used several layers so that you can see the colour. But isn’t it just pretty? Right now it’s my favourite blush and I use it almost every day ūüôā

You can get yours at zuneta. com for ¬£22,¬† or BECCA’s website. ¬†And yes, I would totally recommend this blush for you to try. As for myself,¬†I can’t wait to try their Beach Tint as I know that it is amazing as well. By the way, there will be a new beach tint in the in fall collection.



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