BECCA Mineral SPF Primer. Review and Photos. Rave

Last month I won  BECCA’s Mineral SPF Primer in their twitter giveaway! I was very excited as I’ve always wanted to try their primers. It took me so long to write this review as I wanted to think carefully what to write  as all I could think of was OMG. I. Love.It.So.Much!

So here we go…

This primer is kind of thick and white and it smells like sweets to me. But it goes on very easily, feels light and leaves the skin feeling  silky and smooth. I really loved using it on my very dry skin, it helped the foundation to look better and to last longer.

As the result your skin is looking much nicer, I’d say that the texture looks better, not that it will hide all your imperfections but it definitely helps to even out the skin. It also make the pores and lines look less obvious, not that they become invisible but I can definitely see the difference.

It is said that it seals in the moisture and that it protects from the pollution and who doesn’t want that?

The primer is  waterproof so it is a benefit as well (But I haven’t tested that out). I read that it prevents signs of visible ageing which I can’t comment on but it sounds amazing.

The bonus is UVA/UVB + SPF30+ so you also get a sun protection.

This  product sounds like a dream  and it  really is amazing, probably the best primer I’ve ever tried. I often use it and some concealer where I need it and I am ready to go!

I have tried it only on my skin so far, so can’t say how it will work for oily skin. But BECCA makes a special primer for oily skin if you are interested.

After trying the Mineral SPF Primer  and loving it so much I would like to try the other primers as well, the Line and Pore Corrector also sounds like a great product.

This Primer is £34 and I would definitely get it myself in the future.

2 thoughts on “BECCA Mineral SPF Primer. Review and Photos. Rave”

  1. Oh have been looking at this for a while, glad to hear you liked it.
    But from your review am now unsure if will suit my combination skin…none of the other Becca primers have spf.

    1. Hi Pamela
      It is written on the tube that it is suitable for all skin types. But If you use twitter – ask @BECCALondon, if it will work for you (or they will help you to find the replacement), they are very helpful. If you don’t – I can ask for you!

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