Benefit Cosmetics: ChaCha Tint, Posietint and Benetint

Here is round-up of the gorgeous Benefit Cosmetics’ tints.  I am a huge fan and I really enjoy using them on myself and others.

All three provide a long-lasting staying power and natural looking effect, which I love, of course. I don’t really use these on the lips but do love them as blushes, a lot.

Posietint and ChaCha Tint have a gel-like formula and finish and Benetint has a watery finish. The trick with all three is to work quickly until it is set, as you won’t be able to blend it otherwise.

My personal favourite tint, in terms of colour, is Benetint, as it looks like the colour of my natural blush.

You can read more detailed reviews about Posietint, ChaCha Tint and Benetint by clicking the links.

And once again, if you are reading, Benefit, please bring out a berry tint!

I would actually love to write a similar feature about the “Beams”. But I don’t have Moon Beam or Sun Beam, unfortunately. But instead, I have five, no joke, High Beams (I often buy brand’s sets and that’s the one they include most of the time).

By the way, just a reminder that Benefit are bringing out a new product – Fine One One in February, see the details here.


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