Benefit Lady’s Choice and No Competition Full Finish Lipsticks Review and Lip Swatches

I’ve already posted about the new Benefit Cosmetics  Full Finish lipsticks which look really nice if you ask me. The  thing is that I’ve had the old version of their lipsticks for a long time now. For some reason I never wrote a review which is strange because I really like these lipsticks.

So here it is today… Please mind that I have an old version of the lipstick but Benefit seems to keep both shades or at least they are still available. I’ll find that out.

The shades that I have are called: Lady’s Choice (naturally nude) and No Competition (heathered plum). I have minis which were a part of a set  I’ve bought last year. I have to say that I really love Benefit sets because you  can try so many products without spending too much.

This is how they look like swatched on the hand. I’d say that Lady’s Choice is a warm nude and No Competition is a beautiful plumy shade which I personally like much better.

I  liked these lipsticks, the quality is nice in my opinion. They give an opaque coverage and there are a lot of beautiful shades to choose from.  They stay on for quite a long time but are a bit drying.

I am sorry these are not really the swatches taken for the blog :I hate taking lip swatches to tell the truth: , I’ve just cropped the swatches from my “real photos” but it gives you the idea of how the lipsticks look like on the lips.

So which one do you like? I’ve been loving the No Competition lipstick a lot this Fall and Winter, it’s a beautiful shade!

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