Best Beauty Products of 2014: Skincare

Here is finally a third part of my 2014 favourites: you can see part one here and part two here. This time it is all about skincare… Best Beauty Products of 2014 Skincare Elemis Ren FOM Clarins Algenist Jo Malone


Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm (Review) This was definitely my favourite cleanser of the year, it smells divine, feels gentle on the skin and leaves it smooth and plumped. Having a massage with it is so relaxing and pampering, a great way to finish off a busy day and have some “me” time.

One-Step Facial Cleanser with Orange Extract (review)

When I am in a rush, and don’t have time for a “proper” cleanse, which is usually in the mornings, – this is the product I reach for. I find that it works great for my dry and sensitive skin, removes the makeup and does leave the skin feeling amazing, as if I did the whole cleanse-tone routine. Did I mention the lovely scent?

Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightening Toner (review)

Another Clarins product, a non-harsh exfoliating toner. I use it about three times per week, and not only on my face, but also on the back of my hands, too.   This is definitely a re-purchase for the future.


Jo Malone Vitamin E Moisturising Day Crème SPF15 (Review)

I wasn’t a big fan of this cream at first, but later it became a favourite of mine, it instantly transforms even “dull” skin – it feels moisturized and  looks radiant and smooth.

Algenist Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil (Review)

This is an expensive product but is so worth it. Only one drop makes a huge difference, it is efficient on it’s own but with a cream it works wonders. I also love using it before makeup (works for my dry skin) for that  healthy look.

REN Optimum Skin Serum Oil (review)

I am using a third bottle of this, and refuse to be without it! It works wonders even for my very dry and sensitive skin – it looks glowing and feel incredible afterwards. I have written so many times about it , that won’t repeat it all over again.

FOM London Revitalising Eye Care Balm (review)

I have used up this eye cream till the last drop, this is how much I love it – nice hydrating texture, which  is exactly what I need for my  under-eye area. FOM London is a brand that I would recommend in general.

And, yes, I am aware that I’ve used the words “glowing” and “radiant” about ten times – but that is what I am looking for in skincare.


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