Bioderma Atoderm PP Anti-Reccurence Emollient Balm Review and Photos. Rave

I’ve been promising this post for a long time already so here it is finally!

I have very dry and often flaky skin and I have tried  a lot of body creams, and, in my opinion, this is probably the best one I’ve found so far. It works great for winter  even for my skin type so, most likely, will work for you, too.

I am talking about Bioderma Atoderm PP Anti-Reccurence Emollient Balm.

Bioderma is famous for their Sensibio H2O  but they have a lot of other amazing products.

This product was actually recommended to me at the shop by the sales assistant. She also recommended Oilatum bath products to me, so I am definitely going to try them in the future.

The great thing about Bioderma Atoderm PP Anti-Recidive Anti-Reccurence Emollient Balm Severe And Recurrent Cutaneous Dryness is that it can be used both on face and body.

So what about my impression?

Let me tell you – this balm is a miracle! It works! Usually my skin  feels dry and tight just after several hours after I’ve applied the lotion/cream/balm. With this products I get much better results.  The effect lasts during the whole day.

The skin is really moisturized and feels  silky  smooth.  It looks amazing, too. People  even don’t ask me ‘What is wrong with your skin?’ while I am using it. Yes, I get those questions a lot…

The texture of the product is light and non-greasy, it takes seconds for it to absobr on my skin. The balm is fragrance-free so should also work for those who have sensitive skin.

I really hope it was helpful. If you have very dry skin – you are very welcome to share your experience and your favourite products, I’d love to read it.

I can’t believe that I don’t remember the price (I’ve got it in September I think) but it was around €17-€23 for 200 ml.


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  1. Aderma Exomega is also very good for sensitive dry skin prone to atopic derm. and it is also suitable for face and body – it became my must have cream for winter time

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