Birthday Beauty Purchases

Today is my Birthday and I had a day off, as I worked on Saturday instead. I don’t really care about Birthdays but this year, for some reason, decided to do at least something…

Plus a lot of readers ask for more personal posts from time to time so, I guess, I can share a bit 🙂 I also did a post last year.

A lot of friends were asking what I wanted. To tell the truth, the only thing that I really want right now is a new Givenchy bag but it’s not the best time to get it, as I am completely re-doing my bathroom (and kitchen soon), so it’ll have to wait.  I also don’t like when people get me beauty products, as I have a lot already and prefer to buy such things myself, as I know precisely what I want/need. Moreover, I like it to be a surprise.

Speaking about beauty wish list… I did not publish one in a long time, should do that soon.

Top three products in my current one were: new eye cream, Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick and a new top coat. And I did pick up the first two, did not get the top coat, as I did not see the one I wanted and did not want to get any random one.

I am already wearing and loving the lipstick and can’t wait to try the eye cream.

I also plan to get some new clothes this weekend and, maybe,  go to a beauty salon. As for today, I am going to see my parents and brother with wine, cheese, grape and some good films.

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