Birthday Makeup and Beauty Purchases

First of all, I’d like to thank you for all the amazing Birthday wishes on Twitter, I was totally overwhelmed! 🙂

A lot of you asked me to share some details and, although I don’t really like writing about myself, there are some things I can show.

Here are the products that I’ve used for my evening makeup. I am sorry that some  products have so many finger prints on them, I did not have time to clean everything, it’s just a quick photo.

Although I was around so many beauty counters, I did not pick up anything. I can’t wait for Dior Addict Extreme but those lipsticks are not out yet.

I really needed a new top coat and a base coat so I’ve got Seche as I LOVE their products.

And for  some reason I’ve decided to visit Lush as I haven’t been there for ages. I’ve picked up Rub Rub Rub to try and  their ‘Scandinavian oriented’ (as I like to think)  gift set called Merry And Bright.

Also, and I can’t believe that I am doing this… But here is the food! I love looking at the photos of food, so here is what I’ve ordered tonight. I wish I could eat more lol

There is a photo of the dress on my Twitter account and I may post the makeup later if I find a photo with a normal facial expression 😉


6 thoughts on “Birthday Makeup and Beauty Purchases”

  1. Marina! I can’t believe I missed your birthday… I feel horrible! Happy happy happy belated birthday! May your life always be filled with amazing adventures, beauty or otherwise! Love the gifts you’ve shown…and the food even more!!

  2. Glad you had a great day Marina, and that food looks good, now off to Twitter to see your dress!! x which Sleek lipstick did you use, the one from the winter/chirstmas set?

    1. Thank you, darling. Yes, it’s the on from the Berry collection, I love everything from it. But you must have perfect lips to wear it, it enhances all the dry patches 🙁

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