Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Gazpacho Review and Swatches

I take red lipstick very seriously, and by that I mean that I do not find a favourite red every day. I have tried so many, and it has to be a very special shade and formula for me to say that I love it.  But in the last several months I have found one which I am incredibly in love with. Yes, maybe too much of a statement to use when talking about a lipstick but hear me out.

It is an opaque creamy formula, which glides on and feels moisturising on the lips. I also have to mention the relatively strong scent which I personally like. As for the staying power, Amuse Bouche is pretty long lasting, unless you are eating greasy food.

Besides the amazing formula, I am also head over heels with the shade. Gazpacho is a true blue-red, and it is so hot! This is the red I have been wearing to all the important events ever since I have got it. And I have got it from a friend, and she was so right that I’d be blown away by this colour/texture.

As for the finish – it is also spot on. Not matte but not glossy (I personally think glossy red is a bit too much for me), it is a beautiful satin finish, which does not look flat.

Can you tell how much I love it? I would definitely recommend, and now I want a berry shade from the line. And more Bite Beauty products, as if I need more.

The price is $26 from Sephora. 

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  1. I only buy cruelty-free products. Rouge Bunny Rouge and Bite Beauty are the only products you recommend that I are cruelty-free. Products can be organic and even vegan and still not be cruelty-free.

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