Black Mascara Alternatives: Plum, Brown and Oxblood

I think I have already told this story, but why not sharing it once again. When I was a child the most fascinating thing for me, makeup-wise, was a colourful mascara. I remember that I was about 6, when I saw a girl with blue eye lashes, and I just couldn’t take my eyes off her. I promised myself that when I grow up – I will have a lot of different shades!

And, although, I don’t really wear blue or green mascaras that often – I do like more subtle versions for a change. Here are three that I want to share with you.

Black Mascara Alternatives Plum Clarins, Brown benefot and Oxblood Rouge Bunny Rouge

Clarins Instant Definition Mascara in Intense Plum (review)

This was a Limited Edition, but since it’s my favourite colourful mascara that I ever owned, I had to include it. Plus, you can still get it from Amazon.

The formula is brilliant, is gives you that wow-effect, nice volume and intensity.   I adore wearing it when I opt for a bright lip and want to keep my eyes look more subtle (and more  interesting than just black) but still defined. Actually, I get a lot of compliments when I am wearing it.

Rouge Bunny Rouge Dramatic Lash Mascara Megaplumes in Oxblood Panache (review)

I am the biggest oxblood fan, I have been wearing it for years and years both in clothes and makeup. But back in the day, I just called it burgundy, ha! So, Oxblood mascara is like my little fetish.  And what you see is what you get, it does look oxblood on the lashes. And no, you don’t look as if you’ve  been crying or have sore eyes, but I would recommend adding some eye liner.

Benefit BADgal Brown Mascara

I have bought this  a long time ago along with the Hoola bronzer for a sun-kissed bronzed look.  I adore carbon black luscious lashes  but sometimes you just want to opt for a barely there makeup (“no makeup” look is not my style), and brown mascara is your best friend.

It doesn’t look as “harsh” or intense on blondes, and would work perfectly for those who want a subtle daytime look. There are very few of these left in stock, I was able to find some at John LewisFeel Unique and Debenhams.

And what is your favourite coloured mascara?

I am still looking for a perfect navy one,  most that I’ve tried are a)too dark, almost black b)too electric, which is not something I’d wear a lot.

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