Blogs I Love: Lipglossiping and Cosmetic Candy

Today I will tell you about the blogs that I like but I may like the people behind them even more. And I am talking about the lovely Charlotte and Rowena.

Here are the things that I love about both blogs but they have some difference obviolusly and I will tell you about it later:

  • Amazing sense of humor! A HUGE  you can read their blogs just to smile/laugh/giggle even if you don’t really care about makeup that much.If you ask me, sense of humor is one of the most important things in life! By the way, if you follow them both on twitter you  probably know what I mean when I say that they both have a great sense of humor 😉
  • They both update daily!
  • Both C & R are very sweet girls and I’d love to hang out with them both one day.


Charlotte from Lipglossiping

  • You can find some of the best photos at Lipglossiping. The swatches are always great and the quality is perfect. I also like the amazing detailed and honest reviews which are always  helpful. I’ve got/didn’t get some products based on Charlottes recommendations.
  • There are a lot of beautiful nail swatches, so you may end up wanting too many nail polishes.
  • Charlotte sometimes posts the photos of her sweet baby girl Leila and I love her non-makeup posts.

Cosmetic Candy

Rowena from Cosmetic Candy

  • If you are a crazy cat Mama you’re gonna love the blog as Rowena has 5 cats and sometimes shows /talks about them. There are also some photos of other cute kittens.
  • You want to know more about Asian makeup and beauty? This is a perfect place for you! R. also explains where to get a lot of brands and how to order  them.
  • This girl has probably the most impressive makeup collection. It is H-U-G-E and you can find pretty much everything in it. She sometimes has blog sales so don’t miss them. I personally took a part and besides great makeup she put some candies inside (thanks, Row 😉 )

I could tell you even more about these blogs but you should really check them out for yourself!

Click on the names of the blogs to visit them!

2 thoughts on “Blogs I Love: Lipglossiping and Cosmetic Candy”

  1. Ditto!!! I love these blogs I also love makeupand (she also has a cat obsession) and for excellent swatching I count on and last but certainly not least she is excellent and has amazing tips.
    But overall I really love Charlotte’s blog because she thinks outside the box, translation: No MAC obsession.
    Yours is pretty awesome too by the way, the magazine brings it to another level.

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