Blush Sticks: The New Big Thing in Makeup?

One  of the best things about the looks from the Runway shows are the sneak previews of the upcoming products. Recently we could see a lot of Resort collections and the beauty looks for them. And it looks like the next big thing in beauty will be blushes in a stick form.

Here is the one from Chanel

Chanel Resort SS15 16 blush cream stickAnd the one from Dior. If Chanel and Dior are bringing out something – we can expect a lot of other brands doing the same.

Dior Resort SS15 16 cream blush sticks

I am personally all up for stick blushes! They are super convenient and easy to use even on the go – just apply  the product on the skin and blend with your fingers.

As these are not available yet, I would recommend Rouge Bunny Rouge Blush Wand. Hourglass also a nice blush in a tube, but with a different formula.


  1. Dear Madam,

    I am wondering if you could tell me the name of the bright lipstick in the top (main) picture.

    Many Thanks,
    Ms Meynen

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