Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Collection for Fall 2010

Here is a preview of Bobbi Brown’s Fall 2010 makeup collection  Denim & Rose and Chocolate & Navy collections. The photos look lovely and some products look interesting.

Collection includes:

Denim and Rose palette

Demin & Rose mini brush set

Long Wearing gel eyeliner ($40?!)

Sjimmer Lip gloss and Extmere Party mascara, but the prices are a bit to high for Bobbi Brown in my opinion. BB lip glosses and mascaras are usually cheaper.

Sparkle eye shadows

Highlighting pen for $63 is also a bit expensive in my opinion.

There is also this Chocolate & Navy collection.

So what do you think?  I would like to get a blue eye liner so maybe I should get this one but $40 for BB… We’ll see.

9 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Denim and Rose Collection for Fall 2010”

  1. I love the Chocolate and Navy palette, as well as the Denim gel liner. I think it’s a well-thought collection, even though I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in there I can dupe 🙁

  2. I like the promo poster for this collection.

    The palette is nice, but the lip products are in the same compartment as the powder products, and I have been trying to avoid buying such palettes. Such a shame though as I like the shades in this palette.

  3. The gel liner looks beautiful and I like the colors in the palette too. But I agree with Vonvon, it’s a shame powder and lip products are all in the same compartment. Those kind of palettes gets so messy!

  4. In addition to the Denim & Rose palette being poorly designed, the cosmetics themselves seem to be quite a mishmash of products and colors. The palette is lacking in focus. As for the Chocolate & Navy collection . . . boring! I’d wager that most BB fans already have many of the items featured in this unoriginal and uninspiring collection or they have dupes by other lines. Personally, I loved BB’s spring coral collections but feel she’s done nothing but stumble along ever since.

    1. Yes, Cabana Corals was a great collection, one of the best among spring collections! And from this one I think I’d get the gel liner.

  5. Bobbi Brown should do nothing but bright and insane colors! No wait! Bobbi Brown should only do neutrals! Neutrals are boring! Too much color!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    Either buy it or don’t.

  6. I have a lot of Bobbi Brown make up and I really like her stuff. I was not at all impressed with the Cabana Coral collection and believe I never looked twice. The Denim and Roses collection caught my attention and just would not let go, I had to have it and therefore bought it. I havent worn it yet but it really is very pretty and I believe can be worn day or night, soft of dramatic. I wish that they had used different models with different hair color and eyes to show it is in fact wearable.

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