Books: The Ones I’ve Recently Finished

Autumn feels like the perfect time to be reading, as it gets dark so early, and it’s just a great feeling to be all cosy on the sofa with a cup of tea and some candles.This is why I  wanted to share 6 books I’ve finished recently.  And they are quite a mix.

I have also joined the book club, and will have my first meeting soon, so very excited about that.

1. Grace A Memoir By Grace Coddington (Amazon)

As you would imagine, this is one of a kind autobiography. Grace shares about all her adventures, and all those wonderful places and people. It would be especially interesting for people who are fascinated with fashion and beauty industries.  On a more personal note, now I really want to go to Anglesey Island in Wales.

2. Women by Charles Bukowski (Amazon)

I am ashamed to admit, but this is the first Bukowski book that I’ve read. I was listening to a podcast about him, and finally read it a few weeks ago.  “Women” is definitely not for those easily offended. There is a lot of drinking, swearing and [detailed] sex.

3.  How We Survived Communism and Even Laughed  by Slavenka  Drakulic (Amazon)

I’ve had this book on my to-read list for a while, and finally it happened. I loved the detailed description and Slavenka’s analyses of her own life and the lives of the ladies in the Soviet time. As someone who has a degree in culture studies, I am always interested in this sort of literature.  My favouritre thing about the book was the fact that Drakulic managed to show how, despite very difficult times, people still managed to survive and carry though the regimen.

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4. The New Garconne: How to Be a Modern Gentlewoman  by Navaz Batliwalla (Amazon)

I love the style of Navaz, and was also intrigued by the name, as I also enjoy the gentlewoman style. I liked the fact that it was not just endless style photos which you an easily find yourself on Pinterest  but also features on the women the author finds inspiring, as  well, as some recommendations on where to look for those staple pieces. Easy and enjoyable read.

5.  The Testaments by Margaret Atwood   (Amazon)

I never read hyped up  and trendy books but read this one because of the Handmaid’s Tale which I’ve read before the TV show. I wanted to see how Atwood would continue the story. Although I couldn’t put it down, a lot of the things were obvious, and it felt very much like a young adult novel, not that I have anything against it. While I did like it, I still prefer the first book. It’s worth mentioning that it won the Booker Prize this year.

6. What I Saw: Reports from Berlin 1920-1933  by Joseph Roth (Amazon)

Joseph Roth is such a great author and journalist, and I really enjoy reading his articles and books, Reports from Berlin was not a exception. This is what I call high class journalism, it truly transported me to Berlin of that time.

I will share my “To Read ” list of book very soon, as well. 

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