Bourjois Paris Healthy Mix Foundation Review and Swatches

After reading so many raves about the Healthy Mix foundation I’ve decided to get it myself. And you know what?

I have to agree with those who are impressed with this product.

It comes in a pretty packaging with a pump which make the application easy and hygienic.

The first thing that you notice is the amazing fruity smell as this foundation includes: apricot for radiance, melon for  hydration, apple for antioxidant, ginger for energy. But don’t worry, it disappears pretty soon, although I personally wish it would stay for a longer time.

What about the finish and the coverage?

It gives a medium coverage and semi-matte finish. I really like the coverage but I wish the finish was a bit more dewy although you can always mix it with the primer which gives a dewy finish, something like Satin Primer by Illamasqua which I love.

I personally haven’t tried it on oily and combination skin yet but it works great for dry and normal skin. The effect is promised to last for 16 hrs and I’ve never tried to wear it that long obviously but  I have to say that it does look great during the working day.

You should also check out this foundation if you have light skin and it’s hard for you to find the foundation that doesn’t look too yellow/orange/dark etc. I have the lightest shade which is 51 Light Vanilla and I really like it for my skin tone in winter.

I didn’t blend it the proper  way so that you can see the shade the better

The price is £10.99 for 30 ml which is not bad at all if you ask me.

There is also a concealer from this line and 2 new products that will be available soon so I’d love to give them a try! I also plan to pick a 10 Hour Sleep Effect Foundation to try. But maybe if I really slept for 10hrs I wouldn’t need any foundation at all 😉

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