Brigh Red Lipsticks Lip Swatches

This post is mostly for a friend of mine who is on a hunt for a perfect red lipstick! She is not really into makeup so I won’t tell her that sometimes it takes years to find your perfect red! Oh, wait, did I just tell her?!

She is looking for an affordable, matte and bright lipstick as she told me. So I thought of Rimmel’s Colour Show Off lipsticks which I love a lot.

There are 12 colours  in the line and 2 of them are red. I had only  Kiss Me so I got myself the Red Fever, too. (Now at least I can say that I got it to help a friend, not because I just wanted to get it 😉 )

I already wrote a review about this lipstick as I got a Pink Gossip quite a long time ago. So you can read my thoughts here.

So here are the swatches. Do you see how intense the colours look, these lipsticks are gorgeous! Red Fever is a darker shade which Georgia May Jagger wears in this video that I like so much. Kiss Me is a lighter and brighter shade, it is a red with a warm coral undertone. I absolutely love both and they both look nice on me.

Red Fever and Kiss Me

I’ve made the lip swatches of both lipsticks but for some reason they look quite the same on the photo but in  the real life they are not. I am not very good at taking photos so I am just going to upload only one not to confuse you and my friend. Here is me wearing Red Fever, but I am afraid it looks much darker in real life. But the swatches on the hand are accurate so you can trust those 😉

So what do you think?  Do you like red lipsticks? Have you found your perfect one? Can you recommend my friend a red lipstick which is affordable, matte and bright?

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