Bright Summer Nail Polishes by Bourjois and Artdeco

It seems that nail polishes are getting more and more popular these days so brands release a lot of beautiful colourful collections for us to enjoy! I have spotted so many juicy and vibrant shades and here are just some of them.

New bright ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Laquers. I’ve actually tried their ┬ánail laquers and I think they have a great quality.

And Bourjois have seven new So Laque shades

The shades are called:

Violet Couture, Orange Creation, Magenta Show, Lime Catwalk, Bleu Model, Rouge Fashionista, Jaune Trendy( in order they are show)

The photo from a presentation in Paris courtesy of Bourjois; the two polishes shown are Violet Couture and Orange Creation.

I would love to have all of them please. But if I could get only one from each that would probably be the Lime Catwalk by Bourjois and Rose Taboo by ArtDeco.

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